For the ice cream nerds

What to do if your ice cream is too hard?

What if your ice cream does not freeze well?

Why does ice crystals develop?

All this, and much more, we will answer on this page. We are often receiving questions about ice cream production through our e-mail, in the store, and on social media. This page will continuously be updated with questions and answers about ice cream related topics.


Q: I have bought your ice cream book and is now looking for "sucrose". Where do I find this ingredient?
A: With a glimpse in the eye, we refer to page 13 in the recipe book. It says that "sucrose" is simply just the scientific way of naming "normal white sugar". So to answer the question, you will find sucrose in your kitchen cabinets or in a supermarket.

Q: My ice cream is too hard. What can I do?
A: Add dextrose. Dextrose decreases the freezing point almost double as efficient as sucrose. Hence, by replacing 4% sucrose with 4% dextrose you are quite far already!

Q: My ice cream is too soft. What can I do?
A: Either you can remove some of the sugar or replace 4% sucrose with 4% glucose sirup. Glucose increases the freezing point and make your ice cream harder!