Ice Cream Academy

In an attempt to spread the joy of ice cream science we have created an ice cream school right next to our ice cream shop in Østerbro. The courses are held at Rosenvængets Allé 7b, 2100 København Ø and signing up by e-mail or in the shop is a prerequisite.

Since the aim is to be internationally known in the field of ice cream, this text is in English.

Ice cream innovation course, 3 days

We are hosting a 3 day ice cream course with emphasis on being innovative in the ice cream industry, understanding the science behind ice creams and sorbets, and learning about the steps to becoming an ice cream entrepreneur. You will obtain knowledge about the ice cream science and we will convert it to practice.

This course is for you if:

- you want to open an ice cream shop or introduce ice cream in your restaurant.
- already work in the ice cream industry and want to understand the use of ingredients to the fullest.
- want to launch new innovative products, but you are having trouble developing the new products


By the end of the course you will have learned a lot more about:

Ice cream science
- Composition of dairy and non-dairy ingredients
- Importance and choice of ice cream composition
- Structural aspects and how they are related to texture
- Sugar science and how it influences scoopability and sweetness
- Functionality of stabilisers and emulsifiers
- Calculations of ice cream bases and sorbet syrups

Production methods
- Production processes
- Choice of machinery
- Microbiological aspects
- Novelty products

Novelty products
- Vegan bases
- Soft ice machinery, recipes and science
- Alcoholic flavours

Hands on 
- Sensory testing of various ice cream types and compositions
- Calculation sessions to develop your own, unique recipes
- Operating batch freezers

- Time for Q&A during the classes

The course is taught in English by Cathrine Østerberg