Taste the World

Food is allowed to suprise, bring joy, marvel and be discussed.

We are often buying the same, because "that's how we do". But we think something new has to happen. There are so many wonderful fruits around the world and we want offer you a taste of them. Drop by out shop and have a talk about all of the different ice cream flavours we have. If you are lucky, you get to try red dragonfruit, jackfruit, lychee, soursop, or something else.

We get the fruits from Vietnam, where we also have an ice cream shop. Here we get the fruits picked, peeled, boiled and frozen down. In that way we do not transport unnecessary products to Denmark, we assure a little more work in Vietnam, conducted under good working conditions and we can make sure that the quality is exactly as it should be!

When looking at our more "traditional" ice cream variants, nothing is left to chance. For instance we use bourbon and polynesian vanilla in our vanilla ice cream. Our chocolate ice cream is made with 75% Marou chocolate from Vietnam (the chocolate is made specially for Østerberg). The liquorice is made in Italy, the strawberries grown in Denmark and so on. Every ingredient has it's own story.

The ice cream flavours change from day to day depending on demands, availability, and the mood of the ice cream maker. Østerberg have developed more than 400 ice cream variants, so we have to change the flavors to make sure everyone of them get space in the display.