Ice cream bike

The below mentioned priced include approx. 2 scoops per person, cones/cups, spoons, transportation (4 km from the ice cream shop) and 1 hour of serving the ice cream.  You can choose 3 different ice creams/sorbets.

Ice cream for approx. 45 people      3900 dkk. + 25% VAT
Ice cream for approx. 60 people      4500 dkk + 25% VAT
Ice cream for approx. 75 people      5100 dkk. + 25% VAT

Our ice cream bike is 115 cm wide og 220 cm long. We are more than happy to bring it inside or through a gate, as long as these are wide enough. 
Note: It is possible to buy Østerberg organic soda waters with no added sugar to serve on the side of the ice cream. If buying a minimum of 60 sodas, we can offer them for a nice event price. Sent us an e-mail if you find this interesting.