Scientific research

At Østerbergs science is key. We are always eager to learn and this is the reason why we are participating in scientific research whenever we get the chance. On this page, you can read more about which projects we have been part of.

Master theses: 
Functionality of proteins and emulsifiers in ice cream
by Cathrine Østerberg, University of Copenhagen & University of Guelph

The importance of the founder on the success of a start-up
by Manuel Ercolini & Matteo Marcucci, Copenhagen Business School

Bachelor theses: 
Alternative sukkerstoffers indvirkning på iscreme
by Louise Birkholm, University of Copenhagen

Bestemmelse af hindbæraromas oprindelse i is 
by Caroline Frølich Rosenkilde, Technical University of Denmark

Ingrediensers egenskaber i plantebaseret iscreme
by Mathilde Lykke Kristensen & Magdalene Boel Johansen, University of Copenhagen